High School Climate Heroes

high school climate heroes

This opportunity is currently being offered to students in My Climate Story partner high schools in partnership with Cosmic Writers.

How does climate change affect your life and your community? What does it mean to write a compelling personal narrative? How can we come together as a community to share the story of the effects of climate change on our generation? We will explore these questions and so many more during Climate Heroes, a virtual workshop led both synchronously and asynchronously over Discord.

We'll also meet in person at least once on a Saturday in the early spring on Penn's campus. As a group, we will begin by exploring a variety of genres and formats of storytelling in order to learn which stories excite us most. We will then work together to refine our pieces and discover how individual stories can build shared narratives. By the end of this workshop, we will have worked as a community to create pieces we want to share with the wider world, including at the Climate Storytelling Festival in the spring--all while learning more about writing, ourselves, each other, and our world.

Deadline: November 18, 2022  Apply here!

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Meet your instructor: Sophie Quaglia is a senior from Philadelphia studying English and Spanish at the University of Pennsylvania. She is passionate about making creative writing accessible and exciting. Her previous experience includes working full time through AmeriCorps in an elementary school in South Carolina as a literacy intervention specialist, and her past three years working with Cosmic Writers to lead creative writing camps and programs. She is very excited to share with students her love for Philadelphia, her passion for writing, and her interest in climate change and environmental justice.