Anthropocene and Animal Studies Reading Group Meeting

Grad Student Center Conference Room (2nd Floor)

Anthropocene Geolspiral

The Anthropocene and Animal Studies Reading Group brings together a variety of scholars from different disciplines that are interested in pushing back against the centrality of the human in the humanities.

Expanding out toward the realm of the nonhuman, this group aims to bring objects of inquiry into focus that have often been relegated minor: organisms, things, animals, and assemblages. The readings that we discuss do not abandon the human altogether, but to the contrary, examine human embeddedness in the nonhuman world, and how human domination and manipulation of the environment overlaps with other forms of violence that are racial, gendered, and class-driven. We are interested in interrogating the ethical and philosophical implications of the turn to the cosmos, environment, species, and animals in literature, film, social science, and cultural practices.

This Week's Reading: Earth Beings: Ecologies of Practice Across Andean Worlds (2015), Marisol de la Cadena.

To receive a copy of this week's reading and/or be added to the Anthropocene and Animal Studies reading group, please contact organizers:

Aylin Malcolm and Nicole Welk-Joerger at