CAPITAL(ISM(S)) Anthropology Colloquium Series: Gwen Gordon

Penn Museum, Rm. 345 

Penn Museum

The Department of Anthropology Colloquium for 2018-2019 "Capital(ism(s))" is co-sponsored by the Penn Program in the Environmental Humanities.

Gwen Gordon was appointed to the department of Legal Studies and Business Ethics at the University of Pennsylvania in 2013. Her research is an ethnographically-informed comparative corporate law, focusing specifically on the intersection of indigenous peoples’ cultural norms with issues of corporate governance and social responsibility. She has done long-term ethnographic fieldwork in New Zealand with an indigenously owned corporation. She received a B.A. in 2002 from Cornell University and her J.D. in 2006 from Harvard Law School, where she focused upon social and economic human rights for indigenous groups. She received a Ph.D. in anthropology from Princeton University in 2014; prior to this she worked as a corporate attorney in the London and New York offices of Shearman and Sterling LLP.

*Lunch provided!