Covid X Climate Rapid Response Workshop Day 2: Pandemics, Urban health and the Global Interior

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woman under an umbrella with a mask and other protective gear standing in the rain

The Covid-19 virus and the social dynamics of isolation reconfigure how we think about both urban and interior space, and open up new reflections on the challenge of transforming lifestyles with carbon more clearly in mind.

In these two days of rapid response discussions, September 17 and 18, we aim to provide a venue for new considerations presented by the virus, speculations on responses and possible futures, at a moment when much of that future will no doubt still be quite difficult to see. Topics under discussion will include new considerations for inhabiting cities and interiors, practices of sensing, and new objects of analysis that emerge at the covid X climate nexus. 

Confirmed participants include Andres Jaque, Shalanda Baker, Kian Goh, Ivan Munuera, Sheila Tripathy, Peter de Carlo, and Madeline Schwartzman. 

Please stay tuned for additional details on the schedule.

This workshop is part of the ongoing covid X climate initiative.