My Climate Story at the ASLE Emergence/y Conference

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We are pleased to share that the PPEH team is hosting a My Climate Story workshop at the ASLE 2021 virtual conference.

My Climate Story Workshop
Thursday, August 5
2-3pm edt

My Climate Story is a public research project that makes global climate change personal, sponsored by the Penn Program in Environmental Humanities. This interactive workshop intends to create climate conversations and guide participants to recognize how local climate issues are impacting their lives in the here and now–and shaping their life stories.

This event is at capacity, but register for a wonderful host of events here:


From the ASLE website:

The twelve streams and featured talks and performances of this all-remote convening merge in shared explorations of how creators, writers, critics, activists, teachers, collectives—past and present—have made sense of ruptures and crises and made space for being, creating, disrupting, solidarity, and change. We will ask: What is the time and history of the crisis of now? While crisis, like emergency, appears in the short term, its emergence is much longer in the making. How can work by ecocritics and environmental humanists work across these disparate, even divergent timescales? We will explore: How is crisis emplaced? How does it make and remake place? How do the dislocations forced by crisis—of human and nonhuman populations—reshape place attachment? What does attachment to a refuge feel like?  

Organizers remind us never to let a good crisis go unused. How might work in the environmental humanities and ecocriticism think with movement insights and energies to catapult beyond the now, so as to emerge in a more just and welcoming place?

The conference takes place virtually, from July 26 – August 6, with a combination of asynchronous and synchronous events.