Penn Lightbulb Café: This Land is My/Our/Their Land with Jared Farmer and Bethany Wiggin


This is green field showing two photos of Dr Farmer and Dr Wiggin with text that reads Virtual Penn Lightbulb Cafe

This is a free and public event with Penn Arts and Sciences featuring Dr. Jared Farmer and Dr. Bethany Wiggin of PPEH. 

From the Penn SAS website:

With storm surges and wildfires causing heartbreaking property damage, the environmental is the emotional. But that’s always been the case. From the leafy east to the mountainous west, the American landscape has been tied to overlapping—and competing—senses of identity at the individual, subnational, and national levels. Place attachment, or topophilia, would seem to be a precursor for sustainability, but even love has its dark side.

Jared Farmer, Professor of History, will be in conversation with Bethany Wiggin, Associate Professor of Germanic Languages and Literatures and Director of the Penn Program in Environmental Humanities, about people, places, and the relationships between them.

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