Environmental Humanities Brown Bag Sessions


"Environmental Humanities Brown Bag Sessions" written on a textured brown bag.

These sessions are intended as opportunities for members of the Penn community to share environmental humanities related works-in-progress in an informal environment, and to help build the EH scholarly community on the Penn campus.

All sessions will be held Wednesdays from 12:30 - 1:30 PM in the Humanities Conference Room in Williams Hall, Room 623, unless otherwise specified. Bring a lunch and join us!


Spring 2020 Sessions

Wednesday, January 22

April Anson, "Whose Public? Whose Lands? Race, Nature, and the Genres of Possession in American Literature" (Mock Job Talk)

**Friday, January 24, Williams 616

Ben Mendelsohn, "Mediating the Global Urban Coast: Digital and Sedimentary Ecologies in Lagos and New York" (Mock Job Talk)

Wednesday, January 29

Martin Premoli, "Drought, Development, and Narrative Form in the Global Anglophone Novel" (Mock Job Talk)

Wednesday, February 5, Williams 616

Shoots & Sprouts: Seed Fund Project Presentations

Herman Beavers & Suzana Berger, Re-imagining "August Wilson and Beyond"
Daniel Barber, Habit | Habitat Workshop

Wednesday, February 12

Shoots & Sprouts: Seed Fund Project Presentations

Britt Dahlberg & colleagues, Living With Toxicity: Students Co-Creating New Public Engagement

Wednesday, February 19

Shoots & Sprouts: Seed Fund Project Presentations

Byron Sherwood: Seeing the Invisible: Bringing the Microbiomes of the Schuylkill River and Cobbs Creek to the People
Gina Chang (on behalf of Jennifer Pinto-Martin & Michael Weisberg): Human Ecology of the Galápagos

Wednesday, February 26, Williams 616

Shoots & Sprouts: Seed Fund Project Presentations

Erol Akcay: Cultural evolution, social networks, and sustainable natural resource use in Vezo fishers of SW Madagascar
Kristina Lyons: Rivers Have Memory: Community Recovery of a Watershed in Times of Conflict and Transition

Wednesday, March 4

Anne Berg, "A Rubbished World"

Wednesday, March 18

Nancy Lee Roane, "Energy Narratives and Extractive Logics Undone: Radical Mediation in Recent Brazilian Cinema"

Wednesday, March 25

Alex Chen, "Care under Biocontainment: Preparing American Healthcare Infrastructure for Emerging Diseases"

Wednesday, April 1

Nicole Welk-Joerger, "The Mantra of Feed Efficiency: Measuring Sustainable Livestock Operations in the Climate Crisis"

Wednesday, April 8

Aylin Malcolm, "Like a Sturgeon"

Wednesday, April 15

Simon Richter and Adin Mbuh, "Kampung Resilience and the Arts: Semarang, Indonesia and the Work of Kolektif Hysteria”

Wednesday, April 29

Knar Gavin, "A Trick of the Heartland: Those Wilder Messes 'Behind the Khaki of the Scouts' in Yedda Morrison’s Girl Scout Nation"



Fall 2019 Sessions

Wednesday, September 11

Michael Weisberg & Ernesto Vaca, "Community Science and Social Change in the Galapagos”

Wednesday, October 2

Kristina Lyons, "Rivers and Reconciliation: Reconstructing Environmental Memory in Times of Conflict and Transition"
(stop by Williams 602 or email arenberg@sas.upenn.edu for a copy of the paper)

Wednesday, October 23

Emily Steiner, “Encyclopedic Style: Natural History and English Prose c. 1400"

*Thursday, November 7

Nikhil Anand & Bethany Wiggin, "After Rising Waters"

Wednesday, November 20

Rahul Mukherjee, "Wireless Saturation"

Wednesday, December 4

Karen M'Closkey, "GEO-visualization"