The Philadelphia Area Environmental Justice Curriculum Hub Call for Submissions

The Philadelphia Area Environmental Justice Curriculum Hub is a living archive of resources for connecting middle school, high school, and college students with sites of environmental justice advocacy in and around Philadelphia. The Hub welcomes students, advocates, educators, and artists to contribute any curricular materials, writing, film, interviews, oral histories, and art in the pursuit of racial and environmental justice in the Philadelphia area.

The Hub’s organizers, Davy Knittle and Andrew Niess, are current graduate fellows at the Penn Program in Environmental Humanities (PPEH) interested in gathering materials for environmental justice education and curating them in a format accessible to teachers. The Hub extends PPEH’s commitment to public engagement in and with environmental justice communities and concerns.

We welcome any and all resources that may be useful for educators interested in teaching questions of environmental justice in the Philadelphia area. These may include: 

  • curricular materials (reflections on courses taught, syllabi, lesson plans) about environmental justice topics (air quality, food sovereignty, transportation access, water quality, green space, policing as an environmental equity issue, Indigeneity and land rights, environmental racism, community gardening, toxic exposure, )
  • curricular materials focused on Philadelphia area sites, neighborhoods, or residents
  • links to or PDFs of relevant open-access short stories, visual art, poems, videos and other cultural texts that introduce questions of environmental justice 
  • print or audio guides for site-specific tours appropriate for middle and high school students 
  • teaching journals or reflections on teaching environmental justice history in Philadelphia
  • links to interviews, oral histories or community history archives
  • student projects (with the permission of the student) related to environmental justice assignments 

Additionally, we are interested in speaking with classroom teachers and environmental educators working on environmental justice education in the Philadelphia area. 

To submit, please use this form or contact us directly. If you have any questions about the project, we can be reached at