Completed Experiments

  • Beyond the Lab

    Our collaborations explore the friction between diverse ways of knowing environments: we aim to bring them into productive relationships beyond our university’s campus to nurture inclusive environmental futures.
  • covid X climate

    A collaborative public project between Prof. Anne Berg, PPEH graduate research fellow Knar Gavin, and PPEH faculty & staff to invite short responses to the question “What’s this pandemic got to do with climate change?”
  • Rights of Nature in Times of Conflict and Transition

    An undergraduate seminar taught by Assistant Professor Kristina Lyons (Anthropology & PPEH) considers how the recognition of "nature" as a victim of war may transform understandings of violence, and hence, approaches to constructing peace.
  • Documenting Climate Finance and University Endowment Investing

    A team of six PPEH public research interns working to make sense of the growing green economy and the world of climate finance by documenting the Wharton Business School’s Total Impact Portfolio Challenge (TIPC)
  • Futures Beyond Refining

    Futures Beyond Refining explores the historical relationship between the South Philadelphia oil refinery and its surrounding neighborhoods, disseminates data on impacts of refining, and engages Philadelphians in imagining alternative futures for the area
  • Environmental Storytelling and Virtual Reality

    A two-day festival exploring environmental research and virtual reality.
  • Teaching and Learning with Rising Waters

    A Conference of the Penn Program in Environmental Humanities at Perry World House and the Wolf Humanities Center
  • On-Water Intensive

    A ten-day immersive research seminar conducted in collaboration with Drexel University and the Academy of Natural Sciences