Oxford-Penn-Toronto International Doctoral Cluster (OPT IDC) international research cluster in the Environmental Humanities
  • Futures Beyond Refining

    Futures Beyond Refining explores the historical relationship between the South Philadelphia oil refinery and its surrounding neighborhoods, disseminates data on impacts of refining, and engages Philadelphians in imagining alternative futures for the area
  • My Climate Story

    A public climate storytelling and story sharing project supported by PPEH.
  • Ecotopian Toolkit

    Facing contemporary ecological challenges with critically attuned and creatively oriented tools
  • Schuylkill Archive

    An interactive and growing public archive of citizen science and public humanities projects
  • Rising Waters

    A multidisciplinary research project situated in the former wetlands of Philadelphia and Mumbai- two cities that have since been formed, extended and differentiated by historic relations with water.