• Ecotopian Toolkit

    What tools can we make, and might we require, in the age of the human, the anthropocene?
  • Schuylkill Archive

    An interactive and growing public archive of citizen science and public humanities projects
  • Sink, Float, Spill, Flow

    Engaging Art + Science on Philadelphia’s Rivers
  • Data Refuge

    Building refuge for federal climate & environmental data
  • Floating Archives

    A floating, time-based public art installation by 2018 PPEH Artist-in-Residence Jacob Rivkin that offers animated projections of historic river images
  • Schuylkill Research Seminar

    A research seminar organized by Bartram's Garden, Drexel Air Resources Research Lab, and the Penn Program in Environmental Humanities
  • Rising Waters

    A multidisciplinary research project situated in the former wetlands of Philadelphia and Mumbai- two cities that have since been formed, extended and differentiated by historic relations with water.
  • Timescales

    Ecological Temporalities Across Disciplines