Anthropocene Storytelling: Homecoming or far from home?, David Farrier, OPT IDC Lecture Series


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Dr. David Farrier
University of Edinburgh
OPT IDC Lecture Series

March 3, 2021
1:15pm est

Anthropocene Storytelling: Homecoming or far from home?
The collapse of Antarctica’s Thwaites Glacier—forecast to occur before the end of the decade—could raise global sea level by three meters. The grounding line, eroded by currents of warm water, is arguable the most important place on Earth right now, yet it lies a kilometer beneath the ice’s surface and 7,000 kilometers from the nearest human settlement. Thwaites shows that we need stories that reveal what is happening far from where humans live, but in places where humans are highly active. Drawing on recent trends in environmental literature and on Farrier's own experience in writing about what legacies we are leaving for the very deep future (in Footprints: In Search of FutureFossils), in this talk David Farrier will explore the challenges of telling Anthropocene stories.

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This lecture is fourth in a four-part Oxford-Penn-Toronto International Doctoral Cluster speaker series. Read more about this partnership, visit our Field Notes blog! University of Pennsylvania logo