Biodesign Student Exhibition: Beautiful Monsters

Esther Klein Gallery
3600 Market St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104

beautiful monsters invitation

Join PPEH Research and Teaching Seed Fund recipients Orkan Telhan and Karen Hogan in celebrating the work of students in their Biological Design Studio!


Beautiful Monsters: Nine Creation Stories

Drawing inspiration from Mary W. Shelley’s Frankenstein to lab-grown burgers, we present nine creation myths that interrogate the ideas behind designing life and death. These works intend to raise questions about what we eat, who we are, where we come from, and, ultimately, question how is this ‘we’ created on microbial, social, and political levels.


Opening Remarks

Oron Catts, Director of SymbioticA


Julia Bell
Natalia Cabalceta

Rhea Goenka
Saif Khawaja
Hojae (Ryan) Lee
Haojiong Lu
Nathaniel Nyema
Alina Peng
Valentina Soto
Mengda Zhang


Angela McQuillan