Teaching and Knowing an Anti-Racist Nature, Dr. Kim Ruffin, OPT IDC Lecture Series


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Dr. Kim Ruffin
Roosevelt University
OPT IDC Lecture Series

December 1, 2021

Teaching and Knowing an Anti-Racist Nature
In this interactive, research and experience-based presentation, Prof. Ruffin will explore the ways in which she teaches and invites students and the general public to know what she describes as an "anti-racist nature." She'll engage Environmental Humanities and experiential learning scholarship through examples from her teaching and guiding work. Participants will be invited to design their own experiential learning activity and contribute to a discussion about how nature education can be made more inclusive, historically accurate, and meaningful for individuals.

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Kim Ruffin is an Associate Professor of English at Roosevelt University, trained forest therapy guide, founder of Cardinal Encounters, and an Outdoor Afro Leader.


This lecture is second in a four-part Oxford-Penn-Toronto International Doctoral Cluster speaker series. Read more about this partnership, visit our Field Notes blog!