Energy Justice in a Climate-Changing World

In-person and online

133 S. 36th Street, Room 250 (Forum)

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"Climate and democracy" over town with smoke emitting from industrial buildings.

A discussion with BENJAMIN SOVACOOL (Boston University), moderated by SANYA CARLEY (Penn Kleinman Center for Energy Policy).

CLEAN AND RENEWABLE ENERGY, like that from dirty sources, requires significant technological infrastructure, with potentially deep impacts on the wellbeing of surrounding communities and ecosystems. In this conversation, leading energy justice thinker BENJAMIN SOVACOOL (Boston University) grapples with the economics, politics, and environmental tradeoffs of energy production. He considers how and why any energy transition must account for social and multispecies justice. How can we conceptualize energy justice? What does it look like on the ground? And what cross-sector alliances can achieve clean energy transitions without perpetuating dirty energy injustices? Moderated by SANYA CARLEY (Kleinman Center for Energy Policy).

"Energy Justice in a Climate-Changing World" event flyer.

This event is part of Climate & Democracy, a lecture series co-hosted by PPEH and the Andrea Mitchell Center for the Study of Democracy.