Faculty Research and Teaching Seed Fund: Shoots and Sprouts

Wolf Humanities Center Conference Room (Williams 623)

*For Penn Faculty and Staff

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This second of two roundtables features presentation by recipients of our 2017-18 seed funds. These funds, designed to foster EH collaborations and in concert with the development of a formal EH curriculum including an undergraduate minor and a graduate certificate, are awarded in increments of $3000. If you are interested in applying for future funds or in curriculum development, you will find these reports of interest. We will gather over breakfast in the Wolf Humanities Center Conference Room (Williams 623).

Roundtable 2:

-Orkan Telhan (Fine Arts, PennDesign) and Karen Hogan (Biology, School of Arts & Sciences) on "Biological Design Studio: Land, Organisms and their People"

-Michael Weisberg (Philosophy, School of Arts & Sciences) and Karen M'Closkey (Landscape Architecture, PennDesign) on their "Community Outreach Project Involving Residents of San Cristobal in the Gal√°pagos Islands, Ecuador"

-Daniel Aldana Cohen (Sociology, School of Arts & Sciences) on "Street Fight: Undergraduate Research Support and Community-Building"

*Breakfast will be served