Futures Beyond Refining Visioning Gathering

10am at Audenreid HS
12-4pm at Donatucci Library


futures beyond refining title page

This free event is a gathering of neighborhood residents, artists, climate activists, public health advocates, and individuals concerned with lives, land, air, and water long contaminated by the refinery last operated by Philadelphia Energy Solutions (PES).

The event is hosted by a group of graduate students at the Penn Program in Environmental Humanities (PPEH) aiming to forge connections and promote dialogue between neighbors and allies interested in a non-refining future on the refinery complex. The June 21st explosion should mark the beginning of a safer, cleaner future for the neighborhood and the City of Philadelphia. The repercussions of decades of refinery use will endure and are being compounded by rising sea levels and other local climate impacts. These concerns must be addressed now. 

Together participants will imagine what this place will look like in 100 years. What can grow here? What can we cultivate? We invite you to co-create a space to share stories, desires, and ideas for the future. 

For more information please visit: futuresbeyondrefining.wordpress.com