Graduate Fellows

  • Pablo looks into the camera smiling with his hand on his chin. He has dark curly hair, a beard, and a white shirt.

    Pablo Aguilera Del Castillo

    Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Anthropology

    PPEH Grad Fellow
    Pablo Aguilera Del Castillo is a Mexico City native and a Ph.D. candidate in socio-cultural anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania. Pablo’s research is situated at the interface of Science and Technology Studies (STS), Environmental Anthropology, and Latin American studies.
  • Cecilia looks smiling into the camera, her head slightly tilted to the left. She has shoulder length brown hair and glasses, and is wearing a dark red shirt with short sleeves.

    Cecilia González Godino

    Ph.D. Student, Caribbean Studies

    PPEH Grad Fellow
    Cecilia González Godino is a third-year PhD student whose research is focused on the analysis of Caribbean contemporary visual art from archipelagic, non-hegemonical frameworks. Her work engages epidermic and geological aesthetics as strategies of disorientation and resistance against colonial attempts to the figuration of Caribbean identities.
  • Elisheva is standing on the street, looking slightly up to the camera. She has long hair pulled back and wire rimmed glasses.

    Elisheva Levy

    Ph.D. Candidate, History and Theory of Architecture

    PPEH Grad Fellow
    Elisheva Levy is an architecture historian and researcher. After receiving her MFA from Yale University School of Art (Sculpture department), Elisheva studied civil engineering. She has extensive experience as a teacher, teaching Fine Art and Architecture Design Studio for over a decade at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem.