Graduate Fellows

  • headshot of Santiago Cunial posing outside with blurred buildings and sky in the background

    Santiago Cunial

    Doctoral Candidate, Political Science

    PPEH Graduate Fellow
    Santiago Cunial is currently a PhD candidate in political science at the University of Pennsylvania, where he works on political incentives towards energy transitions in developing countries.
  • Sherif H Ismail headshot

    Sherif H. Ismail

    Doctoral Candidate, Comparative Literature

    PPEH Graduate Fellow

    Sherif H. Ismail is a doctoral candidate in Comparative Literature and Literary Theory at Penn.

  • photo of Davy Knittle in button down collared shirt and wearing glasses

    Davy Knittle

    Doctoral Candidate, English

    PPEH Graduate Fellow

    Davy Knittle (he/they) is a sixth-year Ph.D. candidate in English.

  • Jane Robbins Mize black and white headshot

    Jane Robbins Mize

    Doctoral Candidate, English

    PPEH Graduate Fellow

    Jane Robbins Mize is a poet, literary scholar, and experimental publisher in Philadelphia.

  • Miranda Mote smiling in front of greenery

    Miranda Mote

    Doctoral Candidate, Architecture

    PPEH Graduate Fellow

    Miranda is an artist, architect, and historian of North American landscapes. She writes histories of places as they are informed by belief and imagination.