Public Research Interns

  • Charlotte stands in front of a green leafy background and smiles at the camera. They have brown hair and are wearing a gray sweater.

    Charlotte Fletcher

    Undergraduate Public Research Intern, Intersecting Energy Cultures
    Charlotte is a gap-year sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in International Relations and minoring in Sustainability and Environmental Management and Hispanic Studies. She loves travel and the outdoors and is especially interested in renewable energy and carbon metrics systems.
  •  Christy looks into the camera and smiles. Christy has long dark hair and wears a gray sweater.

    Christy Choo

    Undergraduate Public Research Intern, My Climate Story
    Christy Choo is a junior from New Jersey studying Earth Science with a concentration in Environmental Science. She is passionate about climate change and environmental justice issues, and has an interest in filmmaking, which she hopes to blend together for the My Climate Story project.
  •  Aman looks into the camers wearing a blue suit and red tie. Aman has short curly hair.

    Aman Sharma

    Undergraduate Public Research Intern, My Climate Story
    Aman Sharma is a climate activist and wildlife photographer and conservationist from New Delhi. In 2019, he petitioned the Government of India to declare a national climate emergency, collecting over 370,000 signatures on the petition.
  • Maria stands on a balcony. Maria is smiling and looking at the camera in a blue and white dress.

    Maria Villarreal

    Undergraduate Public Research Intern, My Climate Story
    Maria Villarreal is a first-year student from Tampico, Mexico. She intends to major in Environmental Studies at the College of Arts and Sciences.