Core Team

  • Daniel Barber

    Daniel Barber

    Associate Professor, Architecture

    Daniel is a historian and theorist of architecture and environment with a focus on how design fields are confronting the climate crisis.
  • Mia D'Avanza, portrait

    Mia D'Avanza

    Program Coordinator

    Mia D'Avanza is a Program Coordinator who joined in November 2020. Her background is in libraries and museums.

  • Angela Faranda

    Angela Faranda

    Program Coordinator, Penn Program in Environmental Humanities

    Angela Faranda is a Program Coordinator, who began with PPEH in March 2020. With a background in education and nonprofit operations, she is happy to provide administrative and communications support to this dynamic group. 
  • Kristina Lyon's image

    Kristina Lyons

    Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Environmental Humanities

    Kristina Lyons joins the Penn Program in the Environmental Humanities as Assistant Professor of Anthropology.

  • Rebecca Macklin

    Rebecca Macklin

    Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Penn Program in Environmental Humanities

    Rebecca Macklin comes to PPEH from a postdoctoral research fellowship at the University of Leeds, where she completed a PhD focused on contemporary Native American and South African literature.

  • Bethany Wiggin

    Bethany Wiggin

    Founding Faculty Director, Penn Program in Environmental Humanities

    Associate Professor of German Languages and Literature

    Bethany Wiggin joined the faculty at Penn in 2003 and is an Associate Professor of German and affiliated faculty in the Program in Comparative Literature and the Department of English.