• Amy Balkin

    Amy Balkin

    2020 PPEH Artist-in-Residence

    Amy Balkin is an artist whose works propose alternatives for conceiving the public domain outside current legal and discursive systems, addressing property relations, environmental justice, and equity in the context of climate change.
  • A woman with curly hair in a black strapless dress sits in a chair next to a green plant and smiles at the camera.

    Edyka Chilomé

    Fall 2021 PPEH Artist in Residence

    Edyka Chilomé is a Poet and cultural worker currently based east of the Arkikosa River (North Texas).

  • Roderick Coover

    Roderick Coover

    2019 PPEH Artist-in-Residence

    Roderick Coover is an internationally-recognized artist, whose practice spans documentary film and ethnographic visual research, interactive and emergent cinema, virtual reality and digital narrati

  • Troy Herion

    Troy Herion

    2017 PPEH Artist-in-Residence

    Troy Herion is a composer and filmmaker whose works unite contemporary music with visual arts through film, theater, dance, and concert music.

  • Mimi Lien

    Mimi Lien

    2017 PPEH Artist-in-Residence

    Mimi Lien is the recipient of the 2015 MacArthur Genius Grant – the first set designer to be recognized with this award.

  • Mary Mattingly

    Mary Mattingly

    2016 PPEH Artist-in-Residence

    Mary Mattingly is a visual artist. Currently, "Swale" is a floating food forest for New York.

  • A woman with short curly hair, an embroidered floral dress, lays on a green background and smiles slightly at the camera.

    Vanessa Mercado-Taylor

    Fall 2021 PPEH Artist in Residence

  • Jacob Rivkin

    Jacob Rivkin

    2018 PPEH Artist-in-Residence

    Jacob Rivkin's sculptures and animations explore how we experience and internalize landscape. He received his BA from Vassar College and MFA from the University of Pennsylvania.

  • Dan Rothenberg

    Dan Rothenberg

    2017 PPEH Artist-in-Residence

    Dan Rothenberg is a Philadelphia-based director and creator of experimental performance.

  • A woman in a plaid shirt with her hair pulled back smiles slightly and looks into the camera.

    Kristen Neville Taylor

    Spring 2021 PPEH Artist In Residence

    Kristen Neville Taylor’s diverse practice combines drawing, sculpture, and glass which converge in playfull installations.

  • A black and white photo of a man with long hair and a beard, his arms are crossed as he smiles slightly and looks into the camera.

    Ricky Yanas

    Spring 2021 PPEH Artist in Residence

    Ricky Yanas is a Texas born artist, educator, and curator living in Philadelphia, PA.