Killing Cats to Save Finches: Perspectives on Invasive Species and Conservation Ethics

Houston Hall 223 -- Golkin Room


killing cats

This two-day workshop brings together perspectives from the Galápagos, New Zealand and North America to examine ethical issues in conservation in the context of underlying conceptual issues. For example, what counts as ’native’, ‘invasive’, or ‘pest’ species, and are conservation policies and priorities based on various interpretations of these terms justified? Many philosophical debates about trade-offs between prioritizing sentient animals versus ecosystems abstract away from particular conservation settings; how do we understand the implications of those debates across diverse contexts and countries dealing with invasive species in a changing world?

March 15 12-5pm Houston Hall 223 -- Golkin Room

Keynote Address by Arturo Izurieta, Charles Darwin Foundation for the Galápagos Islands:

"Facing and Fighting Constant invasions in a Fragile Place: the Galápagos Islands"

March 16 9-5pm Houston Hall 218 - Ben Franklin Room

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