OPT IDC: How the Anthropocene Made Modernity | Prof. Amanda Power, Oxford University

Online and In-person (Toronto and Oxford)


Text, "how the Anthropocene made modernity. With Amanda Power." Text surrounds an abstract cityscape.

About the talk...

The formal diagnosis of Anthropocene through physical markers of human transformations of the earth priorities a materiality that asks ‘when’ before ‘how’ and ‘why’. In this talk Amanda Power shows how early expansionist policies across the globe envisaged ‘civilization ’as the successful exploitation by elites of landscapes, ecologies, and human and non-human life, such that ceasing to dominate the earth was an illegitimate choice.

About the speaker...

Amanda Power, Sullivan Clarendon Associate Professor in History at the University of Oxford, is a historian of religion, power, and intellectual life in medieval Europe. She is involved in an AHRC-funded collaborative network concerning‘ stateless ’spaces in the global Middle Ages, and her current monograph project, Medieval Histories of the Anthropocene, queries the relations of religion, power, and the construction of public rationality in building states across Eurasia.

Presented by the Oxford/Penn/Toronto International Cluster in the Environmental Humanities and hosted by the Northrop Frye Centre.


1) Online Zoom (12PM EST, 5PM GMT) - NO NEED TO REGISTER

2) In-person: Toronto, Northrop Frye Centre (Victoria College, VC102) at 12PM EST

3) In-person: Oxford (TORCH Seminar Room 3rd floor, Radcliffe Humanities) at 5PM GMT