Writing Botanical Stories: Pressing, Printing and Writing with Plants from the Biopond

Weitzman Plaza (just outside Meyerson Hall and Fisher Fine Arts Library)

Rain Date: April 21 (12:30-4pm)

Botanical Prints


Writing Botanical Stories is a hands-on workshop designed to connect people with plants. It will teach people how to archive plants as an herbarium, print and write stories with plants. The workshop will teach analogue methods of nature printing as a part of a scientific and creative literary project. Each participant will select plant specimens harvested from University of Pennsylvania’s Biopond. (James G. Kaskey Memorial Park located behind Carolyn Lynch Laboratory at 433 S. University Ave.) Together we will press and preserve specimens to make a PPEH herbarium. Then participants will print one or two specimens on a portable press and other methods as a part of an art book of their own making. Participants will print and write a small book about a plant from University of Pennsylvania’s Biopond.

This workshop will be testing the mechanics of a botanical literacy program being developed for K–12 classroom instruction for schools that have active gardening and/or botany programs. The experiential learning program is designed to teach foundational content and skills in botany, as well as analytical and creative writing skills with cumulative lessons and multi-sensory methods. The program is open to botanists, K–12 teachers, students, and writers interested in botany and literacy. No experience with printing or book making necessary. Materials and tools will be provided.

Led by: Miranda Mote, PPEH Graduate Fellow and PhD Candidate, Weitzman School of Design, University of Pennsylvania, and Chantel White, Archaeobotanical Teaching Specialist at the Center for the Analysis of Archaeological Materials, Penn Museum.

Participants will sign up for one-hour sessions. This workshop will take place outdoors at the Weitzman Plaza and work stations will be six feet apart. Masks, hand sanitizing, and maintaining social distance is required. If you are sick or have had contact with someone with COVID-19 within the past 10 days, please stay at home. Registration is capped at four participants per session.

Registration is closed. Thank you!


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Presented in partnership with: Common Press; James G. Kaskey Memorial Park, The Biopond and Biology Greenhouses; University of Pennsylvania