Writing Workshop with Eric Holthaus

Wolf Humanities Conference Rm.
Williams Hall 623
255 South 36th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19104-6305


eric holthaus

Join PPEH faculty and fellows for an afternoon with meteorologist, journalist, and aspiring game-developer, Eric Holthaus, as he works through a new phase in his journalistic practice:  developing collaborative, interactive and reader-centered experiences to help readers see themselves in the problem of climate change.

Eric is at work on both a choose-your-own-adventure-style book and a closely related video game entitled "Flourish" which will prompt readers and players to imagine -- in light of the latest science, and taking into account the implications of our individual and collective decisions over the next 30 years -- a myriad of potential futures.

During the workshop, participants will be engaged in a series of interactive and imaginative exercises and feedback sessions to develop, elaborate and critique story threads for the book and game.

Participants need not stay for the entire three hour period and are encouraged to come and go as needed.

A buffet lunch will be provided. Please RSVP to confirm your attendance.