Intersecting Energy Cultures Working Group

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The Intersecting Energy Cultures Working Group, convened by PPEH’s Bethany Wiggin and Dr. Rebecca Macklin at the University of Aberdeen, aims to bring together researchers working directly with community-based partners to develop a picture of the varied and uneven impacts that stem from the international workings of energy industries. Our emphasis on intersecting energy cultures means that we seek to explore the impacts of industries including (but not limited to) petroleum, nuclear, gas, and coal as well as renewable energy forms. By thinking about the ways that these energy forms intersect, this working group will specifically attend to how communities are all too frequently caught in the middle of multiple and historically overlapping forms of energy production, which amplify existing social and economic vulnerabilities that include gender, race, and class. In developing this project through the experimental rubric of the environmental humanities, we seek to explore the ways that arts-driven and humanistic methods of inquiry might enable us to carry out meaningful community-based, participatory research around historic, contemporary and future relations with sites of energy production. Check back often for project updates and a growing list of resources!

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Joanna Keel and Charlotte Haley (January 26, 2024) Centering People: Community-Led ‘Just’ Transition Projects at the University of Edinburgh. The Edinburgh Earth Initiative