The Canopy, PPEH's Environmental Humanities Podcast

The Canopy is an environmental humanities podcast from the Penn Program in Environmental Humanities! Our episode’s segments include:

  • Spotlights on EH at Penn and the Philadelphia Region: New and outstanding work in EH, at Penn and beyond: books, major websites, courses, new publications, and more
  • Philadelphia Community series: Interviews with community experts, artists, educators, activists, and more
  • Global Voices Interview series: “Environmental Humanities: What is it good for?”
  • Student Spotlight: We will hear new voices in EH with this student-driven segment

The Canopy’s Managing Producer is Angela Faranda ( Be in touch if you have an idea for a podcast segment and with other queries!

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Copper pod branch on a bright orange background with white text Landscapes and Infrastuctures


This episode of The Canopy features two conversations on two distinct topics. The first, with Dr. Dan Grimley, Head of Division for the Humanities at Oxford University, continues our series of conversations about environmental justice between students at the Penn Program in Environmental Humanities and partners in the International Doctoral Cluster for Environmental Humanities at Oxford and the University of Toronto. The second segment features our very own Rahul Mukherjee who talks about his book, Radiant Infrastructures: Media, Environment, and Culture, now out with Duke University Press. Here, Rahul considers how “cultures of uncertainty” permeate contemporary discussions of environmental and public health.


Hornbeam branch on a dark background with white text of the episode title Resisting Extraction



This episode of The Canopy features four environmental humanists in two transatlantic conversations. They consider how the environmental humanities can make work for environmental justice and consider how university-based researchers mightand in some cases do–make work that resists extractive logics.


An eastern cedar leaf with text Scales / Tales of Disaster


This episode presents stories of “un-natural” natural disasters including super storms and of the increasingly “everyday” disasters of ongoing climate change–like flooded basements or high school buildings too hot for learning. You’ll hear lively student voices and learn from academic researchers and community partners who are vitally important to the socially engaged work we make at PPEH.


A tulip tree leaf with text Storied Baltimore: A conversation with Dr. Sheri Parks


In this first episode of The Canopy, a new podcast from UPenn’s Program in Environmental Humanities, we hear an early pandemic conversation with Dr. Sheri Parks of the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), who shares her expertise and perspectives on the rich stories and environmental knowledge of Baltimore, MD as told through relationships, beauty, and resilience of community and place.