Meet the Data Storytellers, Part 1

April 16, 2018

Patricia Eunji Kim

As part of Penn's first Teach-In since 1969, organized by the Faculty Senate, PPEH and Data Refuge Stories set up Stories Hubs across campus at central locations of interdisciplinary knowledge production and circulation. These sites included Penn Nursing, Annenberg School of Communication, Van Pelt Library, David Rittenhouse Labs. At each hub, teams comprised of PPEH student fellows gathered stories about data, research, and evidence-based practice, all of which will be entered into the Data Refuge storybank. Who are the people that generously gathered stories? Meet some of them here: 

Luna Sarti Image

Luna Sarti

Luna Sarti is a PhD Candidate in Italian Studies, born and raised in Florence, Italy. She's an advocate for equality and social improvement. She believes in the power of stories because they shape the way she lives and how she imagines the future. She wishes she had more data on air, water, ground, and food. Stories Hub: Van Pelt. MOOD: "calm".

Emily Romick

Hailing from New Jersey, Emily is an MA student of Liberal Arts in the School of Arts and Sciences. She cares that storytelling can make data live, and is committed to using stories to make data more accessible. She wishes for more data on species and animal loss and public health issues. Stories Hub: Penn Nursing. MOOD: "curious". 

Emily Romick Image
Wenjun Gao image

Wenjun Gao

Wenjun is a MA student of Urban Spatial Analytics (Penn Design) and a MS student in Social Policy (SP2). She grew up in Ma'anshan, East China. Wenjun is interested in urban planning and believes that connecting people, data, and cities is important. To make these connections, she is committed to public engagement as a critical method to make data lively and human-focused. She dreams of more data on drinking water quality. Stories Hub: David Rittenhouse Labs. MOOD: "motivated". 

(Photographs by Patricia Eunji Kim)