Meet the Ecotopian Toolmakers: Q+A with e+i Studio

April 22, 2024


e+i Studio, led by Eva Perez de Vega and Ian Gordon in New York City, is an architecture and design practice that explores how the built environment can enhance human well-being and support nonhuman life. As they address the global climate crisis, e+i advocates for transitioning from traditional human-centric architecture to a multi-species approach, designing spaces that foster interaction, aesthetic innovation, and ecological empathy. Their work aims to reshape our living environments in harmonious and sustainable ways. 

We hope you’ll join us for e+i ’s workshop on Saturday, May 11 from 10 AM - 11:30 AM at Morris! Learn more on our events page.

PPEH: Briefly introduce yourself— Where are you from, what kind of work do you do, and what role you play in this project?

Eva Perez de Vega: Hello, my name is Eva Perez de Vega I am a multispecies architect, educator, and partner at e+i studio.


PPEH: Tell us a little about your tool. How does your tool inspire and empower human visitors to support multispecies flourishing?

EPV: The Multispecies Totem project is a stackable, modular, vertical structure composed of units that create various habitats for animals, insects, and plants while forming a water-collecting funnel and support for the integration of solar cells. The full totem is composed of two intertwined ‘dancing’ vertical structures, integrating native and migratory species with strategies to harness solar energy and rainwater collection.  The totem can be deployed in multiple locations and is an intriguing piece when one approaches, so we hope people will be interested in seeing it at different distances. We might 3d print small versions of the totem that people can pickup and possibly take with them!

A Headshot of e+i Studio

PPEH: Where do you find inspiration? Is there anything that’s been of particular inspiration to you lately? (Feel free to speak generally or get specific; we love a recommendation!)

EPV: This project is very inspired by birds.


PPEH: What role do you think art/ storytelling play in activism?

EPV: It is an important part of activism- because we have to get to people's imaginaries in order to change them!

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