PPEH Welcomes New Postdoctoral and Public Pedagogies Teaching Fellows

June 6, 2022

We are delighted to announce our 2021-2022 Public Pedagogies and Postdoctoral Fellows. Former PPEH Graduate Fellow Jane Robbins Mize begins a new role as our inaugural Public Pedagogies Teaching Fellow and Rachel Antoinette Cypher is our newest PPEH Postdoctoral Fellow. Read more about them and their work below!


Jane Robbins Mize

Jane Robbins Mize is a writer, teacher, and literary scholar in Philadelphia. She is currently a     doctoral candidate in English at the University of Pennsylvania, where she studies late nineteenth- and twentieth-century North American literature and material culture. Her dissertation considers the entanglements of industrialization, literary experimentation, and the cultural imagination of water across the twentieth century. Most recently, Jane Robbins has also been a Visiting Assistant Professor at the College of New Jersey and a Graduate Fellow for Teaching Excellence at the Penn Center for Teaching and Learning. She grew up in Athens, Georgia, and received her BA in English and Latin from the University of Texas at Austin.


Rachel Cypher

Rachel Antoinette Cypher grew up in the borderlands of the Sonoran Desert and spent much of her childhood with the group that built Biosphere 2, an ecological test capsule for life on Mars. This experience shaped her current research interests, which engage with ongoing questions of how the environment makes us who we are, and how we make the environment. Putting gender, race, and class at the center of her inquiries, she also experiments with new forms of storytelling and ways of knowing the world. Her dissertation, “Belonging in the Pampas,” examined the cattle-man love affair that made the settler colonial state of Argentina, while her current research explores the spread of mesquite forests by Indigenous cattle herding in both the western Pampas and the southwestern United States. She received her BA from Penn, MA from UC Berkeley, PhD from UC Santa Cruz, and is thrilled to be returning to Penn’s campus to join the incredible team at PPEH.