A Week in Citlalli's Life

June 28, 2023

Welcome to the fourth post of the photo essay series "A Week in the Life of a Mexican Environmentalist.” Our fourth post focuses on Citlalli’s photographs and fragments from an interview with her about her activism. You can read Fátima, Yameli, Citlalli, and Nicte Ha's full interviews here.

This series is edited by 2022-2023 PPEH Graduate Fellow Pablo Aguilera Del Castillo and PPEH Program Coordinator Campbell Knobloch. 




Plants for sale at outdoor market
Notes from seminar on democracy and social development in Mexico

"I can imagine a better Yucatan. Since I was little I have always felt very proud of my roots, my origin, and of being a Yucatecan, without a doubt this beautiful state has wonderful things, many of which were gifted to us by the universe. For example, arriving in the Yucatan and enjoying swimming in a beautiful sinkhole is something that we could not do anywhere else. This is why sometimes I imagine a Yucatan that is clean, safe, and free of contamination. Often times I imagine a fairer, cleaner, healthier, calmer, and more beautiful Yucatan."

Woman presenting workbook for class
People painting inside
Interview taking place in a bookstore

"I am part of the Yucatec Citizen Council for Water, in this council, we carry out activities to make visible the water problems that are experienced in the Yucatec Peninsula. We are also working on developing a new national water law proposal that is fair and not only favors the interests of the industry. We have developed open water forums, where we bring experts to speak on issues related to water."

Workbook on submitting complaints to the UN
Peaceful protest

“One of the most difficult things that I have personally experienced is staying calm when I listen to fellow environmental activists who have lost family members and colleagues to this cause. As we continue to fight, this issue of security keeps me worried every day when I leave the house. Every day I live in fear of becoming the one who loses some of my colleagues or that gets threatened. That's why I always try to take care of myself before the press who often distort our testimonies and words.”

Looking out of bus at intersection
Path surrounded by greenery

"I am inspired by the new generations, by the kids. I am inspired by the Yucatan that I would like to see in the future. I am inspired by the testimonies of fellow activists who are no longer with us and who fought until the end of their days for Yucatan. Everything that currently surrounds me really inspires me, my workmates, my family, my nephews, and my friends, they are all really important to me. One of the things that are very important to me at this moment is to realize how immersed we all are in environmental problems, many of which are caused by industries and companies that do not do their work to control and deal with their waste. Yucatan is currently experiencing a shortage of fresh water in some communities due to the pig farms. Many communities are experiencing water pollution and diseases that interfere with the adequate development of children. That is why I think it is important to see with our own eyes what many communities experience, to continue with this fight for the environment."

Exterior of community center