1.5* Minute Climate Lectures

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Every spring and fall, Penn Arts & Sciences' faculty squeeze a wealth of knowledge and discovery into just one minute.  This September, professors and students from across the university will unite in a series of 1.5* Minute Climate Lectures to raise awareness of the consequences of the climate crisis and to advocate for large-scale changes in our community. 

*The maximum amount the average temperature can rise in order to avoid the worst consequences of global warming is 1.5°C. We’re already past 1°C.

Faculty Presenters:
African American Literature’s Aberrant Weather
Herman Beavers, Professor of English and Africana Studies

Oil is not Forever
Nikhil Anand, Associate Professor of Anthropology

On the Urgency of Ecological Grief
Paul Saint Amour, Walter H. and Leonore C. Annenberg Professor in the Humanities and Chair of English 

Will the Mongolian Steppe Step up to Climate Change?
Brenda Casper, Professor of Biology

The Climate Patient’s Bill of Rights
Simon Richter, Class of 1942 Endowed Term Professor in the Department of Germanic Languages and Literature

For more information about the 1.5 Minute Climate Lectures, please click HERE

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