Anthropocene and Animal Studies Reading Group

Friday, November 18, 2022 - on Zoom 

Kin, a collection of essays edited by Thom Van Dooren and Matthew Chrulew honoring the philosophies and life (and untimely death) of environmental humanities scholar and founder Deborah Bird Rose. The essays are timely and help us to think about environmental humanities as a discipline, as well as the extraordinary theoretical contributions Rose made, from counter-modernity to double-death. We will also engage with an excerpt from her magisterial Reports from a Wild Country, a meditation on settler colonialism in Australia, in order to have a sense of where many of the essays have received their inspiration. 

This monthly cohort discusses critical texts and seeks to feature a wide range of scholarly and artistic perspectives. Although the group is primarily a forum for graduate students in the humanities and related social sciences, all are welcome to join the conversation. Feel free to contact Rachel Cypher ( for more information.