CAPITAL(ISM(S)) Anthropology Colloquium Series: Douglas Smit

Penn Museum, Rm. 345

Penn Museum

The Department of Anthropology Colloquium for 2018-2019 "Capital(ism(s))" is co-sponsored by the Penn Program in the Environmental Humanities.

Douglas Smit (University of Pennsylvania)

Douglas Smit is an anthropological archaeologist interested in the political economy of colonialism, specifically the emergence and consequences of markets that develop around labor during imperial resource extraction. Since 2013, he has co-directed Proyecto de Investigación Histórico Arqueológico-Santa Bárbara, a joint Peruvian-North American research program that examines the mercury mines of Santa Barbára. Using archaeology, archival research, and oral histories, his current research investigates the everyday lives of past miners, as well as engages with the contemporary indigenous community to illuminate how the legacy of the mine continues into the 21st century.

*Lunch provided!