CAPITAL(ISM(S)) Anthropology Colloquium Series: Kedron Thomas

Penn Museum, Rm. 345

Penn Museum

The Department of Anthropology Colloquium for 2018-2019 "Capital(ism(s))" is co-sponsored by the Penn Program in the Environmental Humanities.

Kedron Thomas (Washington University in St. Louis) - "Supply Chain Capitalism and the Problem of Scale in 'Ethical Fashion'"

Kedron Thomas is an Assistant Professor of Sociocultural Anthropology​ at Washington University in St. Louis. She is interested in the globalization of trade and legal frameworks, the cultural and ethical dimensions of entrepreneurship and business, the semiotics of branding, and the production of material culture. She examines how these processes and practices intersect in two sites: Guatemala and the US/UK fashion industries.​

*Lunch provided!