Ecotopian Toolkit Exhibit at Independence Seaport Museum: Phase 3

Independence Seaport Museum
211 S. Columbus Blvd., Philadelphia, PA 19106

Different tools in silhouette on a white background with blue circle

Stop by Independence Seaport Museum from September 16, 2022-January 2023 to see the final phase of the Ecotopian Toolkit Project exhibit, which explores and documents the evolving process of five selected Toolmakers who have held public workshops to prototype and play-test tools designed to support and promote the health of the Delaware River watershed as well as to gather community feedback. This phase of The 2022 Ecotopian Toolkit Project is all about sharing that process! 

Now, at the end of this project, these "ecotopian" tools are available for us all to use in the global fight for climate and water justice.

The Ecotopian Toolkit Project is an evolving process that began with Professor Bethany Wiggin's Fall 2021 "Environmental Humanities: Theory, Methods, Practice" class at the University of Pennsylvania. Phase one saw Wiggin and her students call for prospective Toolmakers selected by a jury of diverse experts. After the jury made its awards, Toolmakers called upon the public to help contribute and develop these tools in workshops held in collective spaces at Independence Seaport Museum. This process and these tools will ensure our home, waterways, and future are tended to, well-considered, equitable, and dynamic for generations of future Philadelphians and watershed inhabitants.


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