Ecotopian Toolkit Workshop: Blue Lab Popup Story Patch

Morris Arboretum & Gardens
100 E Northwestern Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19118

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The Blue Lab Popup Story Patch: Ecotopian Tools for Multispecies Flourishing will create for visitors a space that is both part of and apart from their experience of nature–a space of generative self-reflection and freeplay that reframes their relationships to the multispecies worlds around them.

Emphasizing imagination, memory, speculation and active engagement, visitors will be invited to participate in conversations about individual plants and animals who have captivated their imaginations.

For visitors who want to participate, their stories will be recorded and become part of a living multimedia love letter to the more-than-human world.

**Please note there is a fee to enter the Morris Arboretum + Gardens. PennCard holders can enter the gardens for free. For more information about admissions pricing visit:

This year, PPEH, in collaboration with the Morris Arboretum & Gardens, presents Ecotopian Tools for Multispecies Flourishing. These tools are designed to support diverse, multi-species communities, including humans, amidst the crisis of extinction fueled by habitat loss, climate change, and other Anthropocene woes.

This ongoing initiative to craft and share ecotopian tools across the Delaware Valley takes a utopian approach to ecological crisis as a way to confront feelings of helplessness and apathy that often arise in the face of global warming.