Listen Up! Climate Stories and Philadelphia Youth

Hybrid: At Irvine Auditorium and on Zoom


A person with curly dark hair and brown skin holds a sign that says "My Climate Story"

PPEH's Climate Champions, nine high school teachers working in eight Philadelphia School District schools across the city (elite magnet, special admit, and neighborhood school), and approximately 300 of their students, will come to campus for Listen Up! Climate Stories and Philadelphia Youth.

Featured speaker Devi Lockwood, author of 1,001 Voices on Climate Change, will discuss her work documenting climate change in 20 countries across six continents with attendees. Afterward, workshops led by facilitators from Cosmic Writers will engage students in the process of climate storytelling and empower them to share their own experiences of climate change in Philadelphia.

This event is free and open to the public.

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Listen Up! is a two-day climate week program on October 12-13th that provides the first opportunity for My Philadelphia Climate Story teachers and their students to see and meet one another and members of the Penn community, to participate in climate storytelling workshops, and to learn from and talk with prominent climate storytellers.

This program is presented by Penn Program in Environmental Humanities and Kelly Writers House, with generous support from our colleagues at Comparative Literature, the Department of English, the Environmental Innovations Initiative, and The Andrea Mitchell Center for the Study of Democracy.


Devi Lockwood

Devi Lockwood is the Commentary and Ideas editor at The Philadelphia Inquirer and the author of 1,001 VOICES ON CLIMATE CHANGE, a book published by Simon & Schuster in 2021. Previously she worked as an editor and writer at the New York Times Opinion section and launched the Ideas section at Rest of World. She spent five years traveling in 20 countries on six continents to document 1,001 stories on water & climate change