Speculative Archiving and Situated Memorialization with Artist Amy Balkin

Online event

portrait of Amy Balkin on the left, layout of items on a studio or lab table on the right

Join PPEH Artist-in-Residence, Amy Balkin, for a speculative art-making workshop. The workshop will engage with archives and rapid-response collecting, and memorials as engaged resources for citizen action. Work will be focused on sites in Pennsylvania where communities are living with the aftermaths of industrial pollution, in conversation with PPEH’s ongoing Futures Beyond Refining initiative. Among the questions to be considered are: What can speculative archiving and memorialization offer in response to crises of industrial pollution? How might you create a speculative archive that is engaged in some way with citizen action? What are the current politics of rapid response collecting? How do archives and memorials perform? This event takes place over two Thursday evenings: October 15 and October 22, 2020.

See our Futures Beyond Refining page for further context.