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Collaborators: Jared Bozydaj, Isabel Lane, Jane Robbins Mize, David Pellow

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“Products of Our Environment” is a collaborative working group created by Jared Bozydaj and Isabel Lane that explores the relationship between the environment, prisons, and justice. The group is composed of both incarcerated people and non-incarcerated people who exchange work and ideas through writing, drawing, and conversation.

The central aims of the group are to support intersectional thinking (across gender, sexuality, race); to share stories about the environment and our place within it; to think ecologically and expansively about social justice; and to rethink boundaries between inside/outside and incarcerated/free. So much of what happens in prison spaces is invisible to the world outside it; it is often difficult to find information about how modern prison spaces produce and interact with energy systems because of the secrecy inherent in “facility security.” Rather than presenting an insurmountable problem unique to carceral spaces, this opacity, we believe, reflects the often-hidden nature of energy production, use, and consequences. Through our collaboration, we aim to foster work that explores how inside and outside not only interact but also mirror each other in challenging ways.

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Mailings POE

These mailings were compiled through conversations between collaborators and mailed to participants inside of prison. They contain images, stories, prompts, recipes, and more to spark creative and generative responses about the relationship between carceral spaces and the environment.


Mailing 1

Envelope to an incarcerated project partner

Mailing 2

Envelope to an incarcerated project partner

Mailing 3

Painting of a flock of geese flying into the sunset over the beach.

This is a selection of the responses to the first two mailings. People responded with drawings, cartoons, stories, and more. Click the thumbnails to see the full version of each.