Meet the Data Storytellers, Part 3

April 30, 2018

Patricia Eunji Kim

As part of Penn's first Teach-In since 1969, organized by the Faculty Senate, PPEH and Data Refuge Stories set up Stories Hubs across campus at central locations of interdisciplinary knowledge production and circulation. These sites included Penn Nursing, Annenberg School of Communication, Van Pelt Library, David Rittenhouse Labs. At each hub, teams comprised of PPEH student fellows gathered stories about data, research, and evidence-based practice, all of which will be entered into the Data Refuge storybank. Who are the people that generously gathered stories? Meet some of them here: 



Xelba Gutierrez

Xelba Gutierrez is a Masters student in Environmental Studies. Born in Venezuela, Xelba grew up in Chile. Now, she is interested in uplifting voices that are frequently ignored or muffled. Through her work, Xelba desires to engage folks to build community capacity. She cares about data on peoples struggles and how all those struggles are connected - poverty, hunger, health, jobs, safety. Stories Hub: Van Pelt. MOOD: Excitedly hectic. 

Xelba Gutierrez Image
Nicole Welk-Joerger Image

Nicole Welk-Joerger

Nicole Welk-Joerger is a PhD Candidate in the History and Sociology of Science, originally from Lancaster County, PA. Nicole considers storytelling incredibly useful (if not essential) in her work as she bridges sociocultural and political worlds today. Storytelling connects seemingly disparate people and ways of knowing the world through emotion, texture, color, and complexity. She cares about data that impacts the production and distribution of our food, including but not limited to soil health, weather, water, transportation, market values, and food access. Stories Hub: Annenberg. MOOD: Curious. 

Alexis Rider

Alexis Rider is a PhD candidate in the History and Sociology of Science. Alexis is originally from New Zealand, but she grew up all over the world: Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, New York, France, Thailand. She participates in public engagement because her work normally faces a very specific--and limited--audience, and hopes to learn how to engage beyond academia. Alexis wishes for historical data about the changes to ice, rocks, and oceans in the Arctic. Stories Hub: Nursing. MOOD: lost and looking.   

Alexis Rider Image

(Photographs by Patricia Eunji Kim)