Christy Choo

 Christy looks into the camera and smiles. Christy has long dark hair and wears a gray sweater.

Undergraduate Public Research Intern, My Climate Story

2022 - 2023

Christy Choo is a junior from New Jersey studying Earth Science with a concentration in Environmental Science. She is passionate about climate change and environmental justice issues, and has an interest in filmmaking, which she hopes to blend together for the My Climate Story project.

Christy says: I wanted to join the PPEH and My Climate Story team because it is a perfect opportunity to connect my background and passion for environmental science and environmental justice with my interests in storytelling and working with others. I am currently a third-year student majoring in earth science and have had several experiences working with environmental justice issues, participating in research, and working in outreach; however, this is the first opportunity I have where I can also connect it with my interests in filmmaking (in particular, documentary filmmaking).