Sustainable Development and Culture in Latin America

SPAN 391-401

Teresa Giménez

Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday, 12:00PM-1:00PM

This interdisciplinary course exposes students to the three dimensions of sustainable development -environmental, economic, and social- through an examination of three products -peyote, coca, and coffee- that are crucial in shaping modern identity in areas of Latin America. The course integrates this analysis of sustainable development in relation to cultural sustainability and cultural practices associated with peyote, coca, and coffee and their rich, traditional heritage and place in literature, film, and the arts. This is an upper level seminar open to majors and minors of Spanish and those who have completed Pre-requiste SPAN 219 or SPAN 223 or permission of the Undergraduate Chair. Cross-listings ENVS, LALS, ANTH

This course fulfills the EH Minor Requirements in Arts & Humanities Approaches to Environmental Inquiry.

Fall 2020