Imagining Environmental Justice

ENGL 309, COML 308, ANTH 339

Rebecca Macklin

Tuesday / Thursday, 9:00 - 10:30am

Across novels, film, nonfiction and poetry, what does environmental justice look like in a world where the effects of colonialism and  climate change are unevenly distributed?

This course asks students to reflect on narratives that engage in different ways with the question of justice, attending to the ways that environmental crisis intersects with race, gender and sexuality. Engagement with texts by Indigenous North American, African American, Palestinian, and South African writers and creators will highlight diverse ways of relating to land, water and nonhuman animals challenge that challenge capitalist and colonial logics of extraction. Ultimately, through critical and creative modes of enquiry, we will strive to understand how artistic and creative expression might enable us to imagine more equitable futures.

This course is an approved course on the Environmental Humanities Minor and the Native American and Indigenous Studies Minor.

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Spring 2021