Transdisciplinary Environmental Humanities

ANTH 3100

Kristina Lyons

Marilyn Howarth

T, 10:15AM-1:15PM

Transdisciplinary Environmental Humanities
Meeting Time: T, 10:15AM-1:15PM

Emergent transdisciplinary fields, such as the environmental and medical humanities, reflect a growing awareness that responses to contemporary environmental dilemmas require the collaborative work of not only diverse scientists, medical practitioners, and engineers, but also more expansive publics, including artists, urban residents, rural communities, social scientists, and legal fields. This course is inspired by the need to attend to environmental challenges and their health, justice, and knowledge production implications, as inherently social concerns.  This spring the class is co-taught by faculty from the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Medicine. It addresses the challenges and possibilities of working across disciplinary boundaries, building collaborative affinities, and negotiating frictions between diverse methodologies and epistemological approaches.  It contains a predominant public engaged component where students have the opportunity to learn directly from grassroots activities, scientists, legal experts, artists, and other practitioners. The seminar is suitable for early and advanced undergraduate students across Arts and Sciences as well as other schools at the university.  It fulfills the "keystone" requirement for the Minor in Environmental Humanities. 

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Spring 2023