Mary Tuyetnhi Tran

Mary Tuyetnhi Tran in an orange patterned shirt turns to face the camera, with their hand tucking hair behind their ear. They are in front of lush green foliage.

College of Arts and Sciences

PPEH Digital Engagement Intern

2021 - 2021

Mary Tuyetnhi Tran is a rising sophomore in the College of Arts Sciences studying Science, Technology, and Society. She was born and raised in the sunny city of Orlando, Florida. From a young age, Mary has loved reading, writing, and drawing and has admired nature in all its beauty and awe. Her research interests include human-driven climate change, history of science, bioethics, and human-animal relationships. With her long-term goal of becoming a science communicator, Mary was drawn to PPEH’s mission of public engagement and understanding of environmental science and the impact of climate change on vulnerable communities.