Timothy Powell

Senior Lecturer, Religious Studies

It is with profound sadness that we report the passing away of our wonderful colleague, Dr. Timothy Burgess Powell, on November 1, 2018.

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Dr. Timothy Powell was a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Religious Studies and a Consulting Scholar at the Penn Museum.  He directed EPIC (Educational Partnerships with Indigenous Communities) through the Penn Language Center.  He served on the advisory board for the Native American and Indigenous Studies initiative, the Penn Program for Environmental Humanities, and the governing board for the Price Lab for the Digital Humanities.  He also served as a consulting scholar to the American Philosophical Society’s Center for Native American and Indigenous Research (CNAIR), which he founded.  He has been awarded more than $3 million in grant funding to support the digital repatriation of archival documents to the Indigenous communities where these materials originated. He considered it a great honor to count among his teachers elders from the Ojibwe, Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, Tuscarora Nation, and the Six Nations of Grand River.