Poldergeist: Using Animated Video to Help the Netherlands Confront Accelerated Sea Level Rise, Dr. Simon Richter

An animated portrait of Dr. Richter looks over a cartoon Netherlands depicted as a swimming pool

Poldergeist: Using animated video to help the Netherlands confront accelerated sea level rise
Working with a team of three Penn undergrad animators, Simon Richter created the first in a series of animated videos designed to help experts and policy makers in the Dutch water sector confront controversial and difficult aspects of adapting to accelerated sea level rise. We'll discuss the creative process, ways the video has been used in Dutch social media, and the unexpected reception of the video in professional circles in the Global South. We'll also workshop the next video "Too Deep to Fail."

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How Much of the Netherlands is Below Sea Level? video


Simon Richter is smiling and wearing a dark blue and white patterned shirt. They have gray hair and wire glasses.

Simon Richter is the Class of 1942 Endowed Term Professor of German, faculty fellow at Perry World House and the Penn Institute for Urban Research. His research focuses on cultural aspects of climate adaptation in the Netherlands, Germany, Indonesia, and the United States.

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