My Climate Storytelling / SEE Fellows Workshop

Online Event

4 people in a Zoom meeting with My Climate Story leaf logo and workshop details

Who are the faces of climate change? What are the stories of the places they love?

Narratives of climate change often feature catastrophic impacts illustrated by starving polar bears, storms on steroids, apocalyptic fires. Yet many climate impacts are less immediately recognizable. Our public Climate Storytelling curriculum considers how we depict climate change and guides participants to identify and share how climate change is shaping our individual stories in more or less subtle ways.

This workshop is part of a semester-long collaboration between PPEH and The Netter Center to bring vital climate storytelling curricula to middle school students in Philadelphia with the help of the Students for Environmental Equity. PPEH's Climate Story team is committed to training others in the greater Philadelphia region and beyong both to write their own climate stories and to learn to host climate workshops for their schools and organizations.

This event is part of our ongoing My Climate Story experiment.