My Climate Story

We are asking for personal stories about local experiences of global climate change. We want to hear your stories.


How to tell a My Climate Story

Telling your story about how you experience climate change is simple--anyone can do it; we are all experiencing it. Think about what your climate story might be: maybe you feel uncertain, maybe sad, maybe frustrated. Maybe you smell the changes, or feel them on your skin. There's really no wrong way to document your climate story, just make sure you connect it to a specific place you care about.

There are now multiple ways to contribute your climate story to our growing storybank. Call our new My Climate Story Hotline (267-499-3973) to leave a short glimpse of your experience, including how you feel, as a voicemail message. If you'd prefer, you can write out your story as an email message ( or attach a text file with a longer narrative. 

Perhaps you will draw a picture or take a photo. You might video or audio record the sights and sounds you associate with the change you’re experiencing. You might record someone -- even yourself -- telling the story and submit the audio file. Text, audio and video files can be emailed to or submitted directly using the "contribute your climate story" button below. Unless otherwise specified these contributions will be geo-tagged and appear in our public storybank and associated map.

My Climate Story contributions can be also be created and collected in formal or informal educational settings, shared through social media using the hashtag #MyClimateStory, or submitted individually. Adapt the process for the needs in your community! 

If you or someone in your community would prefer to submit a story in a language other than English, click the button below to be directed to a choose-your-language page or read all our multilingual story prompts here. We currently have submission forms available in Arabic, Filipino, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kiswahili, Mandarin, Mongolian, Russian, and Spanish, in addition to English. (Don't see your language? Help us translate the form into additional languages!)


We know the stories you collect from your community will be valuable to you. We urge you to allow us to add them to our story bank and to share them with the wider public participants in the project.