Public Environmental Humanities

ANTH 5440, COML 5440, ENVS 5440, GRMN 5440, URBS 5440

Bethany Wiggin

W, 1:45-4:45PM

Public Environmental Humanities
Meeting Time: W, 1:45-4:45

By necessity, work in environmental humanities spans academic disciplines. By design, it can also address and engage publics beyond traditional academic settings. This seminar explores best practices in public environmental humanities. Students receive close mentoring and build collaborative community to develop and execute cross-disciplinary, public engagement projects on the environment. This spring, this broadly interdisciplinary course is designed in conjunction with two multi-year participatory environmental humanities research projects: My Climate Story and Intersecting Energy Cultures. In the framework of our seminar, students will have opportunities to work with project curators and educators on project-based assignments that also engage high school students and wider publics around issues of climate and environmental justice. This lab-style seminar is suitable for advanced undergraduates (with permission) and fulfills the “Capstone” requirement for the Minor in Environmental Humanities. It is also open to graduate students in departments across Arts and Sciences as well as other schools at the university and is taken by all Graduate Fellows in the Program in Environmental Humanities.


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Spring 2023